5 Best Yoga Books to Cozy Up With This Fall

October 18, 2022

There are many great yoga books that are helpful in various areas of yoga and the accompanying  practices. With these five yoga books, you’ll have plenty to cozy up with this fall as you expand your  yoga knowledge base. They’ll help you learn more and enjoy the time spent doing it.  

Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy 

With Inner Engineering, you can learn more about joy and how to have more of it in your life. Yoga  encompasses a highly sophisticated system that lets practitioners empower themselves. Hatha yoga is  one of yoga’s eight branches. Yoga in general helps people to activate inner energy and to harness it for  the betterment of both the mind and body. It’s also important to remember that it is also a way of inner  engineering more joy in life.  

This book includes the author’s fascinating story of awakening. It chronicles his story of traveling  through India and the moment on a mountaintop where he became enlightened.

He was greatly  changed by this transformation, and he wishes this moment of transformative enlightenment for others  who are looking for joy. He also started a humanitarian organization to help others. He tells readers that  as a guru, he wants to light the way and dispel the darkness rather than impart any belief system. He  believes that the only way to solve the world’s problems is through each person’s transformation. This  change should change the way people see and experience their lives.  

There is a lot of profound wisdom in this book that can help people at various points on their yoga  journey. It brings new energy to tools that have been time-tested and helpful to countless people around the world. This book can teach you a new way of thinking about your humanity and the agency  you have in your own life. All of this can lead you into a life of more joy. 

Autobiography of a Yogi 

Autobiography of a Yogi is one of the best-known and more-translated yoga books of all time. People reading more than 50 different languages have had the opportunity to read this book and learned more  about the science of yoga. It’s an entertaining account of the yogi’s life and delves deeply into the  tradition of meditation. It’s an inspirational work that also has plenty of humor and information that all  come together as a very entertaining work.  

It’s been a celebrated yoga book for many years, and it’s considered to be a classic among religious  books. Millions of copies of this book have put it on best-seller lists around the world, even after being  in print continuously after more than 60 years. If you want to read classic yoga books as a foundation  for your knowledge, don’t skip this classic in the genre.  

The author of this autobiography recounts his inspiring life that begins with an amazing childhood and  goes through his 10 years of yoga training and the three decades that he spent teaching in the U.S. He  chronicles his meetings with a number of notable people, including Therese Neumann, a Catholic  stigmata experiencer, Mahatma Gandhi, Luther Burbank, and many of the most influential spiritual 

people of both the Eastern and Western worlds. He covers the laws that are behind a wide range of both  ordinary and extraordinary events. It’s one of the great yoga books for better understanding of  humanity. 

The Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice 

This book examines the first two of the eight limbs of yoga study. These two aspects of yoga are  important to understand for those who want a deeper understanding of both yoga and themselves. This  guide teaches the way for free people to be true owners of their lives so that they can direct their lives  to the fulfillment they want and get the necessary skills for this practice. The first five of the guidelines  are called the yamas. These are about living a good life with ethics and nothing to excess. The next five  are the niyamas. These are all about being self-disciplined, pure, content, and more.  

Each chapter of this book has a section for self-study that can be used for your own study or for group  discussions. The author has been certified in a number of yoga types, including meditation, yoga  therapy, and hatha yoga. She founded a yoga center that has taught countless people more about these  practices. She advocates for people to challenge themselves and to have reflection or meditation time  every day. 

Light on Yoga: The Bible of Modern Yoga 

If you’re looking for a yoga book that can set the foundation for your study of yoga, this is the perfect  tome to read. Cozy up with this large volume that outlines both the history and the philosophy of yoga.  It gives you all of the fundamentals and teaches all of the yoga positions as well as important breathing  exercises. It’s a perfect book for learning all of the poses that you’re interested in and learning how to  do them correctly. The book has more than 600 pictures that give you a complete picture of the many  poses that are possible.  

Each pose is also described in detail so that you can get on getting it right. The book also goes into the  philosophy behind yoga for a more complete picture of yoga and its practice. It’s a comprehensive  volume that can teach you an enormous amount about hatha yoga. It focuses on both the body and the  mind for a more complete look at the practice and its many benefits.  

Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System 

Another of the great yoga books to cozy up with is this volume that delves deeply into chakras. It was  one of the first books in the West to go into this system, and it remains a classic today. It has been  revised in recent years to keep it updated and to expand the knowledge it provides. This is an  introduction to chakras and how they can be used for the reader’s benefit. The chakras function as  portals that connect the spiritual and physical planes, and this allows people the opportunity to  transform and heal themselves. For inner growth, it’s important to understand the role of the chakras.  

This book is packed with information about how the chakras work and how people can work with them  to improve themselves. It goes through different consciousness levels and teaches this ancient system  using modern language that’s easy to understand. This book can help readers to have more spiritual wisdom as well as how to develop more creativity, higher energy, and better health by working with the  chakras.

It’s one of the more influential chakra books that has ever been published, and it has a lot to  teach. It’s a classic of the genre that everyone who works with their chakras should read. It teaches  about each chakra in detail so that readers understand what each can do for them and how to make  each stronger and more balanced.  

To keep moving forward in yoga, you have to keep learning. These yoga books can help you with  learning what you need to know for a serious exploration of yoga.