6 Easy Two Person Yoga Poses

November 28, 2022

Today’s world is highly competitive and stressful. Many people need to reconnect with themselves, their bodies, and their souls. Yoga helps you relax, relieve stress, boost your immune system and reduce anxiety by directly targeting the source of it – your body and mind. Practicing yoga makes you stronger and helps you stay balanced in life. It makes you aware of your body and gives you control over it and your thoughts. Yoga is a great way to get started with this activity and only thing that’s needed is to have an open mind! Let these 6 easy two person yoga poses inspire you to get on the mat with someone special to lift your spirits and chase away those blues!

Benefits of Two Person Yoga Poses

Partner yoga allows you to explore different asanas. If you practice two person yoga poses with a friend, you can try different poses every time and discover new things about your body and personality. Partner yoga is a great way to get to know someone better. You can build trust and intimacy with your partner while learning to let go of your fears. Partner yoga helps you develop a sense of trust and intimacy with your partner.

It’s a great way to get to know each other more deeply. Partner yoga requires you to let go of your fears and be vulnerable. When you practice this kind of yoga with someone, you learn to trust that person with your body, and that’s a great way to start building intimacy. Partner yoga also helps you stay connected to your body. It gives you a chance to explore your own sensations, as well as how your partner moves.


The Differences Between Partner Yoga and Acro Yoga

The main difference between partner yoga and acro yoga lies in the level of trust you share with your partner. Partner yoga is precisely what it sounds like: it is a form of yoga practiced between two partners. You work together, supporting and trusting each other, to bring your asanas to fruition.

Acro yoga, on the other hand, is a form of partner yoga that is performed with one partner who is standing on the ground and one partner who is in an elevated position (typically in a handstand). Although both partner and acro yoga are forms of yoga performed between two people, the levels of trust between partners differ in each type of yoga. Acro yoga is more like a trust fall, whereas partner yoga is more like a trust exercise.


Partner Forward Fold

This two person yoga pose is a great one to start with. It’s a simple, gentle asana that’s great for beginners. This pose is all about working together to create a beautiful asana. Begin with both partners sitting on the floor, facing each other with legs straight and spread apart. Press the bottoms of your feet against your partners and grab each other’s hands or forearms. Start folding forward at the hips as your partner gently pulls you towards them. Once you feel a stretch/burn in your hamstrings, hold the pose for 2-3 breaths, then return to your seated position. It is now your partner’s turn. 


Seated Cat Cow

This two person yoga pose is excellent and works on opening your chest and stretching your spine. You and your partner will face each other, but your legs will be crossed instead of straight. Grab your partner’s hands or forearms. Create an equal level of resistance between you as you bring your shoulders back and then down in sequence with one another. As you lift your head and puff your chest– inhale. As you bring the chin to the chest, you should round the top of your back and feel your shoulder blades stretch — exhale. Repeat 3-4 times. 


Chair Pose

This slightly more challenging partner two person yoga pose requires you to balance and engage your core. This pose is fantastic for strengthening the thigh muscles. Stand back to back with your partner, pressing your backs together firmly. Slowly walk away from your partner, bending at the knees to reach a 90-degree angle as if you are sitting on a chair. Pause and take steady breaths, maintaining the length in your spine. 



Partner Temple pose helps open up your shoulders and chest. To do a two person yoga temple pose, stand facing each other. Place your feet hip-width apart. As you inhale, bring your arms overhead and hinge at the hips to meet hands with your partner. As you fold forward, bring your elbows, forearms, and hands to rest against your partners. Maintain equal weight distribution. Hold for 6-7 breaths, then walk toward your partner, returning to an upright position. 


Standing Forward Fold 

This pose is similar to a Seated Foward Fold. However, you will both be standing instead of being on the ground with your partner. Start facing away from your partner, keeping your heels around 6 inches from each other. Fold forward, reaching your hands behind you to grab your partner’s shins. 


Back-To-Back Twist

In this two person yoga pose, sit back to back with your partner, legs crossed. Place your left hand on your partner’s right thigh and your right hand on your own left knee. Your partner should be doing the same. Inhale as your stretch your spine and exhale as you twist. Hold for a few breaths, then switch sides. Hold again for a few breaths, and then release, slowly returning to a standing position. 



Yoga is a great way to relax and destress. Partner yoga allows you to explore different two person yoga poses and bring new twists to classic yoga positions. It is a great way to get to know someone better and is also a great way to relieve stress or anxiety. Partner yoga is a great way to get started.

Don’t be afraid to get on the mat and try something new! These partner yoga poses will help you get started with this fun activity. Partner yoga is a great way to connect with others while also getting the benefits of yoga. With these six partner yoga poses, you can explore new ways to practice yoga with a partner. Partner yoga can give you a new perspective on life and help you find balance in your daily routine!