Amber Cayer

For those who have an intense urge for spirit and wisdom, it sits near them, waiting…
- Patanjali

Nick names for Amber Cayer:

Ambs, Ambie, Squirrel

Sun Sign


Why Yoga?

It’s the closest thing I have found to an instruction manual to life.

Your teaching style in 3 words:

Candid. Empathic. Passionate.

Life before yoga:

Flighty, fluky, and a little strange.

Life after yoga:

Lucid, loving, and quite fascinating.

Secret Pleasure?

Squeezing meaty part of my Dog, Daphne’s hind leg.

What do you love about yourself?

My witty banter, and my ability to grow from the hard stuff.

What’s On Your Bedside Table?

“A Course in Miracles” (still haven’t made it passed the first few lessons), earrings, phone charger, and likely last night’s water glass.

What Impact Do You Want To Leave On The World?

I want to inspire, and help others turn pain into power.

What It Is For You: Luck, Karma Or God?

All 3!

If You Were An Animal, What Would You B

DOLPHIN without hesitation…DOLPHIN!

You’re On An Island And Can Bring 3 Things. What Are They?

3 Dogs!