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Budokon Weekend Yoga Martial Arts Strength Mobility

The Way of the Warrior

Saturday & Sunday

 April 29-30th 


with Cameron Shayne &

Melayne Shayne

What is Budokon?

“The Way of the Warrior”
BU = way
DO = warrior
KON = spirit

Created by Cameron Shayne in 2001, Budokon Yoga is a modern yoga style which unites the ancient tradition of self inquiry with modern mixed movement. This physically demanding practice synchronizes yoga, martial arts, calisthenics, animal locomotion & life science. This style is for movers of all types who are seeking the highest level of mobility, agility, stamina & strength.

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Budokon Yoga

Saturday, April 29th 1-4pm

The foundation of this style is the Budokon Yoga Primary Series. This series consists of 7 intelligently assembled sections of slow and controlled movements designed to improve mobility, agility, flexibility and strength. The techniques are learned through repetition and precision, the emphasis being on the transitions from posture to posture, rather than the holding of postures. The purpose of this class is to gain muscular strength, cardiovascular stamina, and joint mobility.

  • Gain muscular strength
  • Increase cardiovascular stamina
  • Improve joint mobility
  • Self-transformation through self-observation

Absolutely. While this class is physically and mentally challenging, the movements are accessible to all levels. As Cameron says, “All movement is simple.”

“The physical work strengthens the body; the mental work strengthens the mind.”

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Budokon Mobility

Sunday, April 30th 1-4pm

This class will help you learn to move with strength & control, and to discover how the safety & efficiency of your range of motion increases when the joints are supported by muscular activation. Mobility is different from flexibility. While flexibility is the demonstration of your passive range of motion, mobility showcases your active, effective movement potential. In other words, mobility is moving with strength and control. 

This class will explore a mix of movement techniques from the Budokon system, which mixes yoga, martial arts, calisthenics and animal locomotion. We will cover constructs to move with power and fluidity on the floor in creative and spontaneous ways.

This class is for all levels of movers and will also be for the mind, so come prepared to be challenged, to learn and to have fun!

Budokon is a way to self-transformation through self-observation.

Meet Cameron & Melayne Shayne

Budokon Founder & Director Cameron Shayne is considered the father of the Mixed Movement Arts culture. Cameron pioneered the phrase and concept of Budokon Mixed Movement Arts by combining the combat arts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts together with Yoga, Crawling Patterns, Mobility, Calisthenics, and Cognitive Studies into a single black belt system known as Budokon (BU warrior, DO way, KON spirit). Based in Los Angeles during the 90’s – a mecca for yoga in the Western world at that time – Cameron established himself as one of the pioneering voices and transmitters of contemporary yoga, martial arts and the movement culture. Known as a teacher of teachers, he is responsible for the creation of the Budokon Yoga style, the Budokon Mobility style, the Budokon Mixed Movement Arts Black Belt System, Budokon University and BDK Academy. Cameron’s provocative writings and podcast influence the contemporary movement scene. His radically honest and transparent style of teaching through critical self-analysis has established him as a guiding voice for modern yoga, martial arts and the movement culture worldwide.

A black belt in Taekwondo & Karate and a brown belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu, Cameron has been studying and sharing yoga and mobility for over 25 years. He has trained hundreds of teachers in the fields of yoga, martial arts and free form movement world wide, and has worked with actors and athletes, including Sean Penn, Jennifer Aniston, Kerry Walsh-Jennings and Sugar Ray Leonard. He currently lives and runs Budokon Big Sky Retreat Center with his wife Budokon University Director Melayne Shayne.


Melayne Shayne is a Budokon Mixed Movement Athlete and founder of the Warrior Women Tribe. She is the VP of the Mixed Movement Arts System Budokon and Director of the Budokon Yoga Program and Teacher Training. For Melayne, moving is more than creating forms and shapes with the body: it is a lifelong commitment to self reflection and personal development. Before finding a fully-authentic expression through the empowering practice of martial arts in Budokon, Melayne sought to practice and learn from teachers around the globe within various lineages and styles as Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow, and ballet.

Melayne’s love for practicing and sharing mixed-movement and living her philosophy is reflected in her grounded teaching style, commitment to her Budokon black belt and most notably, in the passion she has for bringing women together through her Warrior Women events and global network. Always a student before a teacher, she seeks to be inspired and inspire others; challenge herself and challenge others. Melayne’s Warrior Women events create and hold a space of empowerment, accountability and leadership for women who are on this journey as well. Her events, workshops and retreats create a unique opportunity for women to discover themselves and hold space for real, honest, yet connected and co-creative growth.