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Check Your Chaturanga

Check your chaturanga! Chaturanga Dandasana is a very common pose in a vinyasa class. Some classes might include 20 chaturangas! There’s so much to consider in Chaturanga, let’s start with checking out your alignment.

I like to focus on two key pieces:

1. Body is in one line from heels to head. Don’t let your butt sag or stick up. This will require tremendous activation in your entire core.

2. Find a 90* angle in your elbow. Your wrist, elbow, and shoulder really make 3 points of a square.

If you ever feel pain moving into chaturanga, start by just slowing down. There’s no reason to rush into or out of the shape. Another great option is to drop to your knees so that your arms (and elbows) are supporting less weight and you can focus on finding the shape.

Try taking a video of yourself in chaturanga so you can check out your alignment. Or ask any of our teachers at @yoganyla to check it out for you! 🖤

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