Go With the Flow.

Lodore Canyon at Dinosaur National Monument
NW Colorado // NW Utah

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Retreat Highlights:

  • Dramatic cliffs guide you through a geologic time warp
  • Exciting, technical Class III and IV rapids
  • Riparian ecosystem provides habitat for a variety of wildlife
  • Wilderness rafting trip with fully catered amenities
  • Visit the most exclusive & unique corners of Dinosaur National Monument
  • World-class trout fishing
  • Daily yoga & meditation practice led by 23-year veteran teacher Diana Vitantonio

What You Get:

  • 5 Nights of Camping
  • 3 Meals/Day
  • Water, Lemonade, 1 Soda/day
  • Transportation to & from airport 
  • Boats, Life Jackets, Helmets
  •  2 Waterproof Day Bags
  • Tent, Sleeping Bag, Pillow
  • Poncho, Mug, Yoga Mat
yoga retreat


Hike to secret waterfalls and swimming holes. Marvel at thousand-year-old pictographs and petroglyphs left behind by some of the canyon’s original inhabitants. Spend time connecting with your yoga community and yourself.

Rafting through the Gates of Lodore is like entering an enchanted wonderland. As you stare at the glassy, green water and the steep, forested red cliffs towering above, you can’t help but think, “this is so beautiful it looks like it’s out of an illustrated children’s book!” Bighorn sheep, bears, osprey, eagles, and other wildlife roam the river banks, and history comes to life through rapids and rock art. Deep in the heart of Dinosaur National Monument in northwestern Colorado and northeastern Utah, Lodore Canyon rafting trips are great for families, groups, and first-time river rafters. It’s an especially relaxing trip, with easy days on the water and plenty of time for yoga, hiking, meditation, and enjoying the beautiful sandy beach camps.

Gates of Lodore rafting trips carry you over some of the West’s best rapids, including Disaster Falls and Hell’s Half Mile. There are also dozens of smaller rapids through which you can paddle inflatable kayaks. Above all, there’s unforgettable geology! Nowhere else are the folds and faults of our planet’s crust so colorfully or clearly displayed. Lodore is one place that has to be seen to be believed

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Ages 18+

Price: 2200
*does not include airfare – about $300 roundtrip*

Suggested Flights:
August 3: Delta 2114. Depart SMF 10:38AM – Arrive SLC 1:15PM
August 8: Delta 2114. Depart SLC 8:56AM – Arrive SMF 9:43AM

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tentative Itinerary

Delta Flight 2114 Arrive in Salt Lake City, Utah. Transportation from Salt Lake City Airport (SLC) to Holiday River Expeditions Headquarters, Vernal, UT — 3 hour drive. Pre-Trip Orientation meeting at 7pm MST.

Breakfast. Drive from retreat headquarters in Vernal to the put in at Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge. Enter the canyon through the impressive Gates of Lodore, entering the great unknown. Winnie’s and Disaster Falls are the first major rapids we’ll navigate: a great taste of what’s to come. Enjoy soft sand and gorgeous views as you set up camp for the first night while your guides whip up a scrumptious dinner.

Awake to your guides pouring you hot coffee and serving you a hot breakfast! While the river miles traveled today may be short, the excitement is high as the canyon narrows and technical rapids emerge: Harp Falls, Triplet Falls, and Hell’s Half Mile. Hike at Rippling Brook and discover a secluded waterfall before enjoying another delicious river-front dinner. Experience an unforgettable yoga practice led by Diana Vitantonio at tonight’s camp.

At the confluence of the Green and Yampa rivers at Echo Park, the canyon widens and the river circles Steamboat Rock. Learn the powerful history behind the proposed dam site at Echo Park. Downstream, the river cuts through the dramatic Mitten Park Fault and enters Whirlpool Canyon. Spend the afternoon practicing yoga and relaxing at Jones Hole Creek, a blue-ribbon trout stream with side canyon petroglyphs and a waterfall.Content

Enjoy a peaceful morning with a restorative yoga practice in Island and Rainbow parks before entering another massive gorge. The Green River’s powerful forces cut laterally through Split Mountain’s uplifted and colorful core. Run Moonshine, S.O.B., Schoolboy, and Inglesby rapids and slide into the take out at approximately 2:00 p.m. Our expected time of arrival back at our headquarters is about 4:00 p.m.

Breakfast + Transportation to Salt Lake City Airport (SLC) Depart Vernal at 5:30 am for 8:30 am arrival time