Zuda Yoga Folsom Is Now Yoga Nyla

Yoga Teacher Training

Led by Diana Vitantonio

Summer - Fall 2023

July 20-23, July 27-30, August 10-13, August 17-20, August 31-September 3, September 14-17, September 28-October 1, October 5 - 8

Distilling the teachings & practices that Diana Vitantonio has honed over 23 years of teaching & 13 years of leading teacher trainings, this program offers the BEST of what you need to know in order to live your best life and teach with success & confidence.

This program is for students who are ready to grow & learn and are willing to dig deep to do the work necessary to be honest in their souls.

You will learn:

You will learn to teach vinyasa yoga and yin yoga. The Sanskrit term vinyasa means “to place in a sacred, special way.” A vinyasa yoga practice is one in which teachers and practitioners move their bodies intentionally, linking breath with movement to create a sacred, special asana practice.

Yin yoga is a grounded, gentle and restorative practice in which yogis hold poses for at least 3-5 minutes, oftentimes supported by implements like bolsters or blocks. Yin yoga is a wonderful compliment to the more energetic vinyasa practice, as it helps to create space & stillness in your mind, body and Spirit.

Yoga teacher training is for everyone! While you certainly will leave this program ready to lead an intentional & accessible yoga class, the skills you cultivate are applicable across all aspects of your life.  Among these are creating safe space for yourself & others, unlocking your creativity & unique voice, and telling stories that incorporate universal truths to resonate with others.

In addition to guidance from an experienced teacher, this program will help you develop a number of related skills, including meditation, breathwork, assisting, trauma-informed teaching, and anatomy.

The training also includes a copy of The Guide to the High Voltage Life, by Diana Vitantonio. Topics included: emotional availability & maturity; attachment styles; effective communication; boundaries; self-esteem; healing trauma through writing… and SO much more!

Yoga Nyla studio owner Diana Vitantonio

Meet Your Instructor –
Diana Vitantonio

A student & teacher of yoga for over two decades, Diana has been leading teacher trainings and guiding people into their souls for the past 13 years. Diana leads with experience and always a willingness to continue learning.

Diana has made a successful solo career in yoga as a single entrepreneur and is excited to support you in your success and path as a yoga teacher and life-changer.

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